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F18II 43cc Scooter

Welcome to, the place to be for all your motorised scooters and bikes needs. At, we carry various models of scooters and bikes along with many parts and accessories to go with it.

F32 198cc 4 Stroke BIG Chopper

Our scooters/choppers/bikes all range between 43cc and 198cc and can achieve speeds of more than 65Kph.

Online ordering facilities will be available shortly, but if in the meantime you would like to contact us, please e-mail using this form.

FM1 Pocket Bikes

FM1/2 Pocket Bikes

Small Fairing - $849
Full Fairing - $899

F22 33cc Scooter

F22 33cc Scooter


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***Scooters and Bikes are sublect to local road laws***

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