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F18ii 43cc Storm Scooter

F18ii 43cc Storm Scooter

This Scooter is superior in features to the market leader in big size scooters which retails around $2000au. The build quality of the Storm F18ii is fantastic. With full steel construction and extremely high quality full welds. We were very impressed!!!

This new 2004 model has a totally new front fork system that's infinitely stronger than last years, it's back to basics as we have learnt that the traditional push bike forks are by far the strongest and best quality! We are finished with playing with crazy front end setups with twin shocks on cantilevers etc. If you want that we sell a different front fork below in a basic twin shock motorcycle style design.

For easy storage and transport in the boot of the car or the caravan, the F18ii folds down to a convenient low height.

Price: $849

Engine Type 43cc Single Cylinder 2 Stroke Air Cooled
Transmission Automatic - 78mm Centrifugal Clutch
Fuel Mix 25:1 Unleaded Pump Fuel To 2 Stroke Oil
Fuel capacity 0.8 Litre
Running Time 1 Hour
Drive System Chain Drive & Internal 5 To 1 Steel Reduction Gears
Max Speed Approx 50 Kph (Faster With Minor Tuning)
Max rider load 185 Kilos
Wheels Aluminium Wheels 10" * 3.5" Rubber Inflated Tyres
Brakes Front And Rear Ventilated Disc Brakes
Suspension Super Aluminium Coil Over Rear
Length 103cm
Width 43cm
Folded height 47cm
Weight 21 Kilos
Frame High Quality Steel
Deck High Density Layered Wood (Same Type Used In Skateboard Decks)

Price: $849

We also stock an extensive range of spare parts and accessories!!

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